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HP 90w Adapter (H6Y90)
HP HP 90w Adapter (H6Y90)
Sale priceDhs. 220
Dell 65w Type -c Adapter  (WMDHR)
Dell  65w Big  Pin Adapter  (6TM1C)
Dell 65w Adapter Slim (G4X7T)
Lenovo  20V 2.25A Yellow  Pin Usb 45w Adapter  (01FR035)
Lenovo (02DL122) 45w Type-c Adapter
Lenovo  Thinkpad  90w Ac Adapter  0B47002
Lenovo  Thinkpad 65w Ac Adapter  (0A36266)
Lenovo 20V 2.25A 45w Round  Pin Adapter  9 (01FR129)
HP 65W Smart AC Adapter(H6Y89)
Lenovo 4X20M26276 Usb Type-C 65W Adapter
Lenovo Security Cable Lock - 57Y4303

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