Razer Basilisk V2 Wired Ergonomic Gaming Mouse - RZ01-03160100-R3M1

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The Razer Basilisk is an excellent gaming mouse

Plus, quality parts and exceptional performance make this another winner from Razer


The Razer Basilisk is fast, comfortable and fun

This mouse features a lot of different inputs, especially since you can customize the scroll up and down, on top of the scroll wheel tilt inputs as well. The profile switching button is on the bottom side of the mouse, while you have two buttons on the top to raise or lower your CPI setting. All of these are programmable inside the software. You can also set a HyperShift command to enable a second layer of buttons. Note that the sniper button is magnetic, and is easily removable if you don't want it

The Razer Basilisk V2's scroll wheel is quite decent. It has left and right tilt inputs, which is nice to have. Also, the scroll wheel resistance can be tuned to your preference. There's a resistance setting on the underside of the mouse that lets you choose whether you want a clicky, incremented scrolling, or a very loose and fluid scrolling.


Differences Between Sizes and Variants

There aren't any real variants of this mouse, but it's identical to the  Razer Basilisk Ultimate. The Ultimate version is wireless, while the V2 is wired.

Compared to other mice

The Razer Basilisk V2 is an improved version of the first Razer Basilisk. It features a newly improved cable that is better than most cables from big brands. This mouse also features a more ergonomic, right-slanted shape, which feels a bit more comfortable than symmetrical mice. See our recommendations for the best gaming mice the best-wired gaming mice, and the best mice overall.

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