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HP Business H5M90AA Backpack for 17.3-inch Laptop
Large storage space

The HP Business Nylon Backpack is meant for Notebooks up to 17.3 inches. Apart from carrying your computer devices, it also helps you carrying pieces of stationary like diaries, pens, and other articles. This is a multi-faceted backpack that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is a durable bag in its entirety and can withstand robust usage. The classic black color gives it a sleek appeal as well. Additionally, this backpack can comfortably fit tablets up to 10.6 inches measured diagonally.

3 adequate pockets

This HP Business Backpack comes with 3 different pockets wherein the largest one is meant for the device. The other two pockets can hold your accessories like notebook charger, books, adapter, etc. You can also store your car or home keys for added convenience. There is a slip pocket in the front which exudes easy access for commonly used items.

Soft interiors

The interiors of the backpack are soft and comfortable and ensure that your device is protected from getting any scratches. The pockets can be closed with zips and the zip handles can be locked by bringing them together. A small lock will be suitable for this purpose.

Compact in nature

The product has been so designed that it remains compact and not too cumbersome to handle. The wide straps on its back will help you carry it on your shoulders without any slippage. The soft material of the backpack straps feels comfortable on your shoulders. If you are having a travel-filled day, this HP Backpack has 2 pockets on its sides that are wide enough to carry water bottles or other food/drink items.

Other Product Specifications

The product comes with a 1-year warranty tag. The logo of HP inscribed on the backpack assures the buyers of the quality of the product and its usefulness. The weight of the HP Business Backpack is 721 g and it comes in the dimensions of 69.8 x 43.7 x 22.4 cm. The model number of the product is H5M90AA.

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